Unique House Warming Gift Idea That Lasts

Looking for a unique house warming gift idea that will make a long lasting impression?

Then read on, we’ve got something for you!

Almost everyone thinks of a nice green plant when it comes to a unique house warming gift idea. Why not? They are neutral, potted and very beautiful. But have you considered the type of care, or even drive of its new owner to keep it alive? I speak from experience when I say that these house plants are far from easy to maintain for the average home owner, making this great house warming gift, well, not so cool in the long run. Plus, it’s really not very unique.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still give and plan to keep giving house plants as gifts lol. Not every gift needs to stand out of the crowd. But, what about that time when it NEEDS TO be a special one of a kind gift!?

What then would make a great, beautiful, long lasting and unique house warming gift idea? One that also brings in the warmth of nature, much like a green plant would, but also adds a touch of elegance? That one gift that everyone remembers?…

How about a Preserved Botanical Handmade Wreath?

unique house warming gift idea

These handmade wreaths will last a lifetime. And if purchased from a reputable manufacturer, like Floral Treasure (a family owned farm and business), they will also add quite a unique and high quality decorative touch. I guarantee the hostess will not only be impressed by your thoughtful choice, but will also be delighted by the beauty of the product. These wreaths are sturdy, elegant, full of life and carefully designed to their last detail. Truly one of a kind.

This unique house warming gift idea is not just for homes. You could use this for corporate gifts, customer thank you gifts. Are you a realtor? What an incredible and great surprise it would be to have your client walk in to their new home for the first time and see one of these beauties waiting there for them along with a thank you note from you!


And it doesn’t need to be a Wreath. It can be a dried flower arrangement to display on a table or an entry way, a beautiful nature box to hang from a wall, or even a bouquet of dried lavender that will bring peace and joy to any room naturally.

If you are looking for a unique house warming gift idea, we have a nice selection ready for you to look at. Floral Treasure will even ship this for free right to your door or to your friend’s door!

So, who says Wreaths are just for Christmas?

Floral Treasure, Wreaths for Any Season & Any Reason!

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