Time to Harvest the Indian Corn

A couple of weeks ago our family went out to the Floral Treasure farm to check on the coxcomb plants and I noticed our summer Indian corn had not been harvested. We use tons of the corn in our wreaths and dried floral designs. So I asked my 11-year old if she would like to see what was inside the husk. We went up to corn stalks and I showed her what parts held the precious summer corn inside.

As she was unwrapping the dried Indian corn husk she was surprised to find a multi-colored corn cob. How did it get this way she asked?

Then she wanted to open more and each one was a different color, no two the same. The look on her face and to hear her laugh each time she found the Indian corn cobs inside was priceless. Watching her work diligently made my day. It was fall and my little girl was excited to find the hidden jewels of the season.

Happy Fall from the Floral Treasure Family!

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