Sarah Jessica Parker presents…and we were there!

Who doesn’t love Carrie Bradshaw? When I heard Sarah Jessica Parker was going to speak at Americasmart in Atlanta, I knew I had to get the best seat in the house. SJP was going to present her journey from actor to successful lifestyle brand and creator at market. Needless to say, I was there 3 hours before she hit the stage. I was front and center. While I waited I had lunch with other fellow SJP fans and we talked about Sex and the City and what she was doing now. It was funny I thought of her like one of my girlfriends that I had known for years. Well she has been in my life for 15 years with all the reruns and movies she has starred in.

So when they announced her I was very excited and nervous, like she was going to be someone different who I wouldn’t recognize. She wasn’t. She was down-to-earth and funny. I felt like we had known each other for years. When Sarah Jessica sat down on the sofa right in front of me, I listened to her talk about her family, husband and career. She talked about her love for fashion and shoes too. This is what lead her to start her new line and open her new retail stores.

She talked about all the business dynamics from designing shoes in Italy with Manolo Blahnik and the color selection and names for all of SJP Shoes. I loved how she wanted to be on this team that she had created, work in the stores and understand the customer experience. I could relate to Sarah Jessica Parker. She was living in my world now, as we had switched roles. The experience was just like having my New York girlfriend come to visit and I was so happy for her and this new chapter in her life.

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