Lavender Pros Handmade Wreaths Floral TreasureWe introduced the Lavender Pros brand into our Floral Treasure® product line when it became evident that lavender was going to be one of our most utilized botanicals. We wanted a line made with lavender to stand out on its own, for lavender is our specialty and so full of amazing benefits!

This particular botanical has very unique features, and from harvesting to design, it requires special attention and care to produce the beautiful long lasting handmade designs that Floral Treasure offers.

Our Lavender Pros line is handmade from organic natural lavender. Here at Floral Treasure we are proud to consider ourselves professionals when it comes to lavender care and use.

“Lavender brings a palpable sense of tranquility and peace into our home.”
– Debbie Garza

Lavender will help increase your energy and will cultivate a positive frame of mind. To maintain all of its original beauty, we recommend you keep lavender products out from direct sunlight and away from heat. We hope you will enjoy our Lavender Pros Collection.

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