How to make a Fall Dried Flower Wreath

To Celebrate the Season I always love to hang a fall wreath in my family room. So, we came up with a Wreath Kit that included dried flowers and preserved greenery from our farm. You can create your wreath like we suggested below or come up with your own style. If you would to share your design send to @floraltreasure.

What you will need: Glue Gun, Glue Sticks and Floral Cutters

Ingredients and steps for gluing your components:

  1. Silver Dollar Greenery
  2. Oats
  3. Phalaris (Bunny Tail)
  4. Ammobium ( White Daisy)
  5. Orange Strawflowers
  6. Wild Twig Bohemian Wreath Base

Follow the Steps and make small bundles or glue each stem on to the twig wreath.

When you finish there is a ring on the back for hanging and you can move the ring to hang your design how you would like.

It’s that simple! Share your masterpiece with us #floraltreasure.

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