Handmade Wreaths Can Bring Peace and Tranquility

Handmade Wreaths and other decorative ideas fill the shelves of retail stores and home decoration markets Worldwide! The appeal is simple: handmade products are unique. The work that goes into not only putting the product together but, more importantly in my humble opinion, actually coming up with the design, can be truly inspiring.

A designer like our own Debbie Garza, Master Top Floral Designer, does just that: she designs from inspiration. And what beautiful handmade wreaths come to life from her creative mind! Some are exclusive to retailers, others are one of a kind. And now, a handful of her handmade wreaths are available to the public via Floral Treasure’s online store. Of course, due to the exclusivity of her work and her partnership with hundreds of retailers throughout the United States, the retail line is just a small, exclusive selection or handmade wreaths and other decor items, but also only available in limited quantities per design. You can view and order Floral Treasure’s Handmade Wreaths catalog online here. (Wholesale clients login to access the full catalog)

Floral Treasure® Handmade Wreaths are artfully crafted from farm grown botanicals grown on their own farm. The Floral Treasure farm has been in service for over 19 years and Debbie’s work has received numerous awards and recognition for her designs as well as the quality of her product.

You can create a Handmade Wreath from many different types of products. I’ve seen them made from cloth materials, to silk, even teddy bears and anything in between. Handmade Wreaths can be a lot of fun to assemble! Have you ever created one yourself? We are thinking about putting together a short ‘How to create a handmade wreath video’ so everyone can partake and make their own amazing creation! Stay tuned for that on an upcoming post here :-).

Handmade Wreaths Lavender ProsAt Floral Treasure we feel that owning a high quality crafted item made from botanicals will not only look beautiful on display in your home or office, but it can also bring mother nature’s sense of peace and tranquility into your space as well. Specifically, the Lavender Pros® Collection will do exactly that! This exclusive lavender wreaths collection includes Handmade Wreaths produced with dried lavender and other botanicals. Lavender is well known to reduce anxiety and emotional stress. Lavender can come in many forms and offer many more benefits too, of course.

The Lavender Pros® Collection is a small sampling of our exclusive lavender wreaths line available to our retailers. However, it is still inclusive enough to offer you a fantastic selection of lavender infused decor ideas for your home, office or even as a house warming gift that will last a lifetime! See all available Floral Treasure Handmade Wreaths.


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