From the Seed to the Wreath

Our Floral Treasure Wreaths feature our very favorite flowers, foliage and grasses, all grown on our farm. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans who know the value of preserving nature’s finest flowers.

Floral Treasure Wreaths cater to many different home décor styles: classic, modern, shabby chic, farmhouse and romantic. As a new design idea begins to develop, we gather the ingredients to preserve.

The preservation process takes time which is why many of our wreaths’ availability is often seasonal, due to different harvest times. It’s one thing to whip up something fresh, but it’s totally different when you’re creating a piece whose beauty will be everlasting.

Once the flowers have been harvested they go straight to preserving. Some varieties are naturally dried, while others like roses must be freeze-dried for optimum beauty.

So, Let's Talk Roses!

Floral Treasure Preserved Roses

Grown right on our Floral Treasure farm until they bloom

The roses mature on the farm until they are in just the right state of bloom. We cut the roses and then remove all the foliage from their stems.

They rest before we load them into our freeze dry machines. The flowers are then loaded on to racks and placed in the floral chamber of the machine where they will remain for days.

Once the flowers are dried they are removed and treated with a special preserve. Voila! They are ready.

We Love What We do!

Yes, it all takes time but it’s worth it to us!

Thank you for your interest in Floral Treasure Wreaths. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with people like you, who enjoy and appreciate the beauty of our products and the craftsmanship of our preserved designs.