Fall Entertaining: The Gift of Flowers for the Hostess

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In the U.S., it’s customary to arrive as an invited dinner guest to someone’s home bearing a small gift for the hostess. Many choose to bring a bottle of wine, while others may select a vibrant bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a popular choice around the world in countries like China, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland and France.

We personally love to give fresh flowers but since we’re in the business of preserving Mother Nature’s finest we thought it might be fun to create a special all-preserved bouquet. We had such a good time combining our different floral varieties and foliage into different, richly-hued color schemes that we ended up with an entire line of preserved bouquets!

Our bouquets emulate what you would go out and pick in your garden in the fall season. The bonus is the easy to arrange flowers last way longer than fresh. We wrap our seasonal flowers in kraft paper and tie each with a burlap knot. Transportation is a breeze. You never have to worry about water spilling in the car on your way to a dinner or get-together.

And the best part is the look of amazement we’ve seen on people’s faces when they realize the beautiful bouquet is preserved. That’s right! It’s going to last.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Entertaining: The Gift of Flowers for the Hostess

  1. allanola says:

    What a beautiful selection of wreaths and tabletops and your website is very easy to navigate from viewing to purchase. I can hardly wait to see what is in store in the near future!!!

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