meet the designer, Debbie garza

Debbie is Floral Treasure’s Founder and its heart and soul. She’s considered a leader in the preserved flower industry and an innovative designer who’s always on the go. Her passion for flowers is undeniable as she inspires all those around her – customers, co-workers, family and friends – with her ever-changing design work that’s always on trend and above-all, beautiful.

Known for her lush, colorful work, Debbie captures the essence of a flower in bloom and gives it new life. Her floral designs are displayed in homes across the nation. Creator of fabulous wreaths, to-die-for tabletop centerpieces and unique wall hangings, Debbie designs each of them to have a welcoming spirit and a sense of happiness.

Setting Trends

Debbie loves flowers. She coined the tagline, “From the Seed to the Wreath”™ and never looked back. She’s become a major force in the Floral industry and her “fun little” business has continued to grow just like her many fields of flowers.

Always the trendsetter, Debbie’s work is featured in numerous retail stores, websites and gift shops. Her favorite flower is the sunflower and she’s in love with combining lavender and pansies together.

When she’s not wrapped up in a wreath, Debbie is most likely found entertaining friends or exploring the expanding Ensenada landscape with her husband and daughter.

Her outlook on life is colorful. We can only imagine what vibrant creations she has yet to create.

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