10 Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Home Decor

We all get bored with our decor from time to time but we don’t have to break the bank to give our homes a stylish update. With spring right around the corner, there is no better time to get inspired and the best part? With these budget-friendly tips you can spruce up your home in a snap and do it for little to no money. 

1. Rearrange The Furniture. Without spending a penny you can give your home a whole new look by rearranging the furniture and even moving pieces around from room to room. That hutch in your dining room may look great in your guest room with folded linens on the shelves instead of dishes. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. 

2. Declutter. Maybe your home just needs a good day spent decluttering for a more simplistic vibe and letting go of stuff doesn’t cost a dime. Donate unwanted items to a local ministry or make some extra cash by selling them on Facebook Marketplace.

3. Pillow Covers. Switching out or adding pillow covers on beds and furniture is a very inexpensive way to freshen up a space. Amazon, IKEA and small shops on Etsy are great resources for pillow covers. 

4. Knobs. Changing out knobs on cabinets and furniture is an easy way to add character and change the look of a room. Look for sales at your favorite hardware stores or take your search online to Amazon or eBay. 

5. Greenery. Bringing the beauty of nature indoors is a great way to update your home from free cuttings from your own yard put into glass vases, indoor plants in stylish pots, preserved wreath (like our Grand Garden Wreath shown here above Ginny’s @maplecreekmarket bed) or garland that you can use around your home from season to season. (Join our email list for a 10% off and free shipping coupon code!)

6. Paint. From painting an entire room, a feature wall, a piece of furniture or spray painting your lamps a new color, paint can offer a big bang for little bucks. So look around your home and transform a cabinet, picture frames, dining room chairs or room with a coat of paint. 

7. Mirrors. Adding mirrors is a great way to update a room from a large oversized mirror leaned up against a wall to a gallery wall created with smaller mirrors like this beautiful view from Hope @signsofhope.ar Thrift stores are a great place to find cheap mirrors and a little paint can transform them to match your decor. 

8. Update Lamp Shades. Are your lamps and chandeliers feeling a little out dated? Changing the shades can be a great way to update lighting without the expense of a whole new light fixture.  

9. Add Wallpaper. There are endless ways to use wallpaper to give a space a pop or color and interest. From the back wall of your pantry shelves to a wall in your bedroom. You can find affordable options in your favorite home decor store to searching for the perfect pattern online. 

10. New Shower Curtain. Even a bathroom needs updating and a shower curtain with a fun pattern or bold color can do the trick even on a tight budget. Look for sales in your favorite stores and online. 

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